Szenfner János

In 2002, he committed himself to the software testing field of expertise. Today he is a QA and IT Specialist, member of the Hungarian Testing Board, Certified Tester (ISTQB). He is peer-reviewer of the „Szoftvertesztelés Alapjai” book, he publishes in written media and he is frequently invited as presenter to conferences in his field of expertise. In the past he worked for companies like Nav’N Go, Volksbank, Exxonmobil, Lufthansa, Nuance-Scansoft and Encorus Technology as well. He held Test manager and IT Ops manager role for the hungarian leading real estate advertising company. He was responsible for building the competent and effective SQA and IT Ops teams from scratch during his past three assignments. At the moment he works as QA Manager.

Bolla Dávid

He started software testing in 2014 at Ericsson as Integration and Verification Engineer. After two years, he was working at Black Swan. His main field was test automation but he had some testOPS responsibilities as well. After a short time, he joined the Docler team as manual tester and TestOps engineer. With one of his coworkers they created a test automation framework based on C#. He attended an IIR Software Testing conference as a presenter. Now he is working for Ericsson as verification engineer.

Hidegkuti István

Since 1995, his area of expertise is systems administration. Under his guidance and supervision, his colleagues had managed to build stable, scalable and HA systems. They managed to eliminate bottlenecks and improve performance on those systems, designed and launched continuous integration as a new deployment procedure with code quality checking and automated testing. He have also built monitoring and alerting systems which cover all of our services with fine granularity. He was employed at Digital Media Solutions, MTM-SBS, Jasmin Media Group (newly, Grafton Recruitment, BM TEK (a government agency), Arkon Zrt, Replise Kft.

Erdős Dániel

He’s doing automation testing work since 2015 (gain experience with all major programming language for test automation) Aside of these, he’s done some development, TestOps and manual testing too. But his primary field is the automation testing, developing / refactoring / updating automation frameworks and creating tools that could help with the QA processes. Regarding the tool creation he expanded NUnit some and created multiple console, Windows Forms and WPF applications. Getting better and better, and self development is really important for him, so he can bring out the best from every application, language and system. He worked at BlackSwan and Docler SSC among others and currently working at LogMeIn