In this comparison I would like to show you some subjective comparison of some vendors we investigated. These information strictly based on our subjective personal opinions.

Sauce Labs CrossBrowser Testing Xamarin Test Cloud Browserstack
Site Usability

Site mostly looks nice, some parts looks a bit old-school.

Easy to use.

Really modern site.
Sometimes hard to follow.
Really modern site.
Sometimes hard to follow.
The site looks nice.Easy to use.

Good UX.

Information Documentation is really good, in depth and straightforward.

A little bit plain and simple design

Documentation lacks in most parts
Really hard to find possible capability configurations
Documentation is really good, in depth and straightforward except for the testing frameworks. There are quite a lot of documentation.

Sometimes it’s a bit hard to follow and understand.

Couple of times you have to search a bit more for answers

Results page and additional features Pretty cool video features (jump to a step/network requests).

You can apply different filters to the steps.

Metadata page has all the basic but detailed info about the test.

You can check all the screenshots that has been made on the Metadata page.

But there is no log report, only server logs.

 Looks a bit shallow.

There are no useful logs, only network results

There is no nice details, info page.

Clean and informative interface. Easy to follow. Easy to select device and test runs.

The Logging, Visual logs, Exception logs are awesome.

All the information regarding to the test are easy to access.

Can’t really filter between steps.

Video is alright.

But you can’t find a Screenshots sub-page where you could see all the screenshots made.

Setting up the desired configuration Detailed documentation about possible config setup. No config generator, no real documentation on the config setup. Detailed documentation about possible config setup. There is a pretty good config generator page and documentation
about setting up the config in the code for your tests.
Geo Location Possible to change the Geo Location. Geo Location is possible. Change GPS location is possible  No Geo Location.
Real Devices They have real device testing via TestObject company (which they bought). It works, the site is pretty good, although the documentation is not the best.

Currently basic support exists for NUnit and C# for running test suites.

In theory they’re offering real device testing, but there is no trial for it, therefor couldn’t check it. They have real device testing.

200 devices with multi OS versions.

No information about the Appium usage. is used in the examples.

Currently they don’t have the option for real device testing, but planning to do it.

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